The coin has fallen

……   and it is the 1st time that i receive a phone rejection.

It was very nice of her to tell me personally that my interviews had gone really well, but that unfortunately they had to go for a more qualified candidate. It was also nice of her to let me down easy, and to tell me that they would like to keep my details on file and contact me in case there was any other open position.

Of course, i am disappointed, but i’ll live :)  

As seen below, i was actually hoping for heads, and not tails. Oh well, i guess i am turning my tail to Europe and going home for good. f her to call me and to let me know that a more suitable candidate was found for the position, but that my interview had gone very well and that they would like to keep my details on file and thus contact me in the future if any other position arises.

Rather than whining about my confidence levels and my looming unemployment, i guess i should really start thinking about why  i got 3 rejections in the past month, and for 2 out or 3 positions, i actually  thought  i was qualified.

True what they say, winners are losers that do not give up. And yes, rejection stings. A lot.


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