TV, computers and life


When she was in college and came home for the holidays, one time my sister said that she did not watch any TV… none at all. I, as an adolescent, found that highly suspicious… I mean, what did she do for fun? 

She had a life.

Today, to pass some time, i turned on the TV and as i was searching for the “volume up” button i realized that currently, i watch no TV either.

I have a computer.


Elevator times

elevatorI live at the 13th floor in a neither new nor old building. That means two things:  i have a great view from the kitchen balcony and i spend 1 minute in the elevator, one way. I checked.

In that time, i usually manage to get my keys in the safe pocket, to get out my minibus/trolleybus fare, tuck away my wallet, get my headphones, turn on the radio on my phone,put it somewhere it cannot be extracted by an ill intended individual, adjust my hair and put on my hat/gloves/ lip balm  – depending on the season.

The elevator ride is when i make the most promises to myself, where i analyse what i have done with my day, my evening and my life . That is where i decide to go for it and get that haircut already, no matter what my parents will think of it. That is where my best twitter lines come to me, and that is also where some of my least inspired phone calls originated from. That is where i let Narcissus out (there is a mirror on the back wall) and thus i can spend some time staring at myself and deciding that yes, one could say i look younger than my age. Or maybe i don’t, but the dim lighting is very kind to me.

I do not mind the time i spend in the tiny little box that not always smells its best. I do not mind the time i spend in the slightly larger box that shakes and makes very weird noises. I do not mind, because that is time that i have to myself, that is my preparation before a fight, before coming out into the big big world. Or coming home from that world and right into another one, into the kingdom of my parents. No, i do not mind that 1 minute where everything is on hold. I am neither here nor there, i have no phone reception, no radio music, and i am thus alone. Just me in a box. Unwrapped, one could say.

Unless the elevator stops at another floor, and another person comes in. And from there, just two scenarios exist. In one,  i have to endure the deep awkwardness, being stuck in the same 1 square meter box with a stranger who,  just as me, can hardly wait to get out and thus jumps towards the exit the second the doors start to open. And no, they do not open quickly, and the awkwardness continues. Or, in the second case, i have to make small talk with the said stranger, just to be polite. We would discuss the weather, our relative’s health and each other’s love life. We would cover the basics – who is married, who is divorced, who has how many children and whether they all share the same parents.

The 1 minute is gone, the button pops out, the doors start to slide open. And  i get out into the world totally unprepared.

Mhm, it is kinda cold today. I kinda wish i had had more time to put on my hat and gloves.