Happy Birthday Blog!

Am I going to say anything special on this occasion?
Yes, i guess i should.

Dear Blog,

I would like you to know that i care a lot about you. Thank you for being there every time i have an idea and i want to share it with you but i get distracted. Every time i leave the “Add New Post” tab open in my browser, i know that i am making a promise to you –  a promise that i will be back later. Later, when i am finished with X and Y, when i will have eaten, or when i will have gotten my thoughts in order. But the truth is …  they are all excuses. I know you know that every time i do that, i am not coming back. And the tab remains open, and i eventually restart either the browser or the computer, and thus you, my dear blog, have yet another saved draft…

Well, on your birthday, i want to say sorry for all those times that i did not follow up on my somewhat implicit promise. And no, i am not going to promise that i will be better from now on. But I hope i will.

And with that, i wish you all the best.




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