Jobs Jobs Jobs….


…. and i do not mean Steve.

Last year, i used to make minimum changes to the cover letters that i sent to companies abroad,  and no, that did not turn out to well for me. So this year  i have become quite the writer.

I still think that cover letters are a complete waste of time for both the job applicant and the recruiter… I do not accurately show  what recruiters want to find out. So yes, my only justification for asking for a cover letter is the fact that this way, the company can see  the amount of effort you have put into the application … and whether you are a good liar writer. Of course, i may be wrong –  here i am, unemployed, but opinionated. And maybe my motivation letters stink. 

After reading the job description i try to write a letter that uses more or less the same tone, that is in line with the requirements and that feels right. However, even if i do add/delete/ change passages, some phrases remain the same, because after all, i am still the same  person with the same experience, no matter in how many ways i can say that. And thus a lot of the times, there really isn’t much to add/delete/change.

And each time i finish a letter and i re-read it, with all the praise for the target company and the ideal position, with all the optimism and positivism and all the energy towards  that perfect perfect program , i put myself in the shoes of the recruiter and i can almost hear them say Awwh, that is a nice thing to say…. But i think you say that to everybody. 

And they are right. I do.



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