The perfect Curriculum

There are days when the bed is just too comfortable, when the air in the room is just to cold, when the alarm rang too early, when the weather outside is too dull and when your drive is at its below minimum point. In those days, i procrastinate, i tell  myself that  today is an exception  and that  i am not actually this lazy/irresponsible/pessimistic/demotivated  and that  tomorrow i will surely get up early and i will compensate for today and i will rise to the the picture i paint of myself in my cover letters. 

Well, today was not one of those days.

Today started normally –  it was a bit cold, there was no sun, i was not feeling to rested …  But i decided i would get up and i would have coffee and breakfast and i would start browsing the job portals and i would have a great day!

But guess what.

A CV should reflect one’s personality, and my CV is BORING.  And i may be many things, but boring is not one of them. So i started working on it.

One page, two pages, only relevant information, all information because if i only add what is relevant i end up with half a page, table form, text form, bold, no bold but italic, colors, UPPERCASE, small font, bigger font, photo, no photo…    And, two and a half hours later, i found myself completely demotivated, hungry and going back to the CV format i started with in the first place.


But at least i did not waste time doing something completely unnecessary and brain zombi-fying all morning, right? Yet somehow, that argument fails to make me feel better…


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