Passion, Parkour and Awesome

Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me this video, and it gave me the chills:

and yes, as another friend has put it, this  video encompasses courage, training and stupidity, all in one ! The comments on this video are also hillarious, for example these ones :

“how do they not fall down with the size of their balls?”


“They must be Russians”

So, with a bit of research, what i found is that “parkour” is a type of sport that mostly concentrates on getting from point A to B in the most effective and fastest way. So more or less, it is all about efficiency –  and efficiency requires lots of work and dedication, which these young men and women seem to have in abundance. And it is worthy of our total admiration.

That getting from A to B involves jumping from one building to another, skipping tens of stairs, running  on unthinkable surfaces, and clinging to urban elements like they were put there to serve this sole purpose…  And they make it look so easy.

This is a sport, and it is beautiful. Dangerous, true –  more dangerous that most, i assume. Imagine the injuries that one may obtain, imagine how many times one has to fall before managing to actually do the jump, the climb, the run. Imagine the skill, the preparation, the physical form of these people. And imagine their dedication.

It is really inspiring to see people doing something they love, and being great at it no matter the cost and the sacrifices. And imagine the satisfaction that they get. It is exactly that what keeps them going –  they do not need an audience, they do not need external appreciation, they do not need acceptance. They just do it because they love it. And we should all follow their unspoken advice.

And thus, with the risk of making publicity for Nike, i say JUST DO IT.

Do that what you like, and do not be afraid you will fail. Because most likely, you will. More than once. But if it is really something you like, you will not give up. You will carry on, no matter what other say, no matter how much time you put into it, and, most importantly, no matter whether you will make money out of it.

So let’s be like that. Passionate. Because people are awesome.


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