What my desktop wallpaper tells me

Wallpapers-room_com___Be_Original_blue_by_Adam_Betts_1280x800Different people, different conversation topics. And it’s great for me that I have more than I circle of people whom I feel close to, people that I have met on different occasions, in different circumstances, with whom I have shared different experiences and who know different sides of me.

And the crowd from yesterday was one that was prone to listen to me talk (a lot), but also one that was inclined towards discussing matters of personal development – inspiration, motivation and brain re-wiring. And one idea (out of the many) that stuck with me till this morning was that one’s internal state of mind, ones way of thinking determines ones acting patterns. So more or less yes, I get very excited when I get a new idea, a new project etc… and I get super-active, both inside and out. Nothing is impossible any more, and I am finding myself in this state of pure energy and ideas. Till it passes.

If that excitement may be thought of as an inspired state, a motivated position, an energized form –  then it is true that commitment is what you actually do when you leave that state. It is what you do day in and day out that matters –  when the initial motivation, the initial energy, the initial excitement leaves you.

Yesterday I was very excited to start over, to respect my mind and my body, to watch what I eat and to exercise. To get up early and not to offer myself excuses, to be productive and to be able to say that yes, today was a good day.

And that type of motivation and energy usually hits me late into the night, coz that is when I make most promises to myself about things I will do the days to come. Yeah, right.

This morning, even if I had set the alarm for 7:00 AM, I snoozed it till the last possible moment, getting up at 8:45 when I already had to get dressed and go out. So much for my earlier that mornings  promises to actually get up earlier, work out, have breakfast and maybe even do some research.

So the question is, how can I get back to that, back to the inspired and motivated me ? Something had triggered that state in me yesterday, so theoretically, all I have to do today is find a similar incentive, a close enough stimuli, a  yes I guess that could do it  impulse, right?

So from there I got to the question that I was once asked in an interview:  What motivates you? Very good question, I would like to know the answer to that one too.

Motivational backgroundI have a friend/ex-roommate who likes to stick yellow post-its all over the place, with motivational quotes and sayings. I used to just read them and smile, as  you are special and you can do it, all you have to do is try notes on the wall are not really my style. Buy dish soap and olive oil  is more like me.

But is it really? Motivational, inspirational posters/wallpapers and desktop backgrounds might  work. If they did not work at all, they would not be so widespread (here I go, applying my Eastern European if there is a line at the store, they must be selling something really good  logic).  Also, being reminded of something positive, seeing a great idea, an elevated thought cannot do any harm, unlike the  mindless song lyrics, the disrespectful vocabulary and the small range thought patterns that we subject ourselves to, day in and day out.

After all, I will never know till I try.

I am a person who likes quotes. So due to that fact, combined with my friend’s seemingly endless post-its, not a lot is new in the realm of motivational/inspirational messages. So these are all things I know, all things I understand, all things I have seen/heard/told myself before. But what I found is that yes, in the same way that  repetition is the mother of knowledge , being reminded of some truths, reading an idea over and over again makes one understand it – get it into the system and incorporate it into one’s beliefs. And, more often than not, a quote is understood differently from time to time.  After all, a man cannot enter the same river twice.

So, after browsing a useless website that offers immediate short term gratification and a false sense of joy  and I close/minimize the browser, I get told that I need to do some work, that  my future is made out of what I do today, and not tomorrow  and that  nobody remembers the guy who quit.  

And then I think that yes, my wallpaper is right. I should listen to it. I should live out of my imagination, and not my history. I should be original. And I should design my own life. 


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