TED : Jane McGonigal: The game that can give you 10 extra years of life

I was reluctant to watch this talk as i am not a gamer –  as proven yesterday and all times before that where i would just watch and not really enjoy video games… However, i do like playing card games, board games and social games, so in a way i guess that makes me a gamer too, of sorts, right?

This talk gives some very good advice.

First of all, do not be still for more than 1 hour at a time. It is a problem our generation faces more and more each day, as we spend our working days mostly behind a computer screen… and our free time doing the same. I try to get out of that routine, i try to work out, to go for walks, hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities. All of the above is a bit more difficult in the winter –  true, but i do my best.

Second of all,  we need to reach out to the persons we care about,  tell them how we feel, help them with whatever they need, or just spend some quality time together, wouldn’t that just be great?

Third of all, will power is just like a muscle, it gets stronger the more we exercise it.  So by tackling small goals and tasks daily, we can actually grow to be able to face larger challenges in terms of professional and personal growth.

And last but not least,  we have to offer ourselves at least 3 positive emotions for each negative one we get, daily. The negatives come on their own, it is the positives that we need to trigger. And as the talk shows, looking at a baby elephant picture might just do that :)


All of the above seem like simple enough advice, some 4 simple steps to follow every day. So why don’t we?


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