Kindling in public transportation

troleibuzSo, the work-life balance problem strikes again. But this time, i am ready for it.

At the suggestion of a friend who has all  these great ideas/advice that he himself has never ever put into practice, but condemns the ones who say it is impossible/hard/not worth it  to do X and Y , i decided that ok, i was going to bring a book and read on the way to work. After all, i don’t really have any other time available during the week, and reading IS a must. Even if the ride is quite short and i would only read 1-2 pages – or 1% on the kindle  – it would be a small step, but one made ahead nevertheless.

Two thumbs up. Without any further delay, i checked the battery on my kindle, stuck it into my bag right next to my breakfast and my lunch and that was it.

Or so i thought.

It has been 2 days now that i  try  to read in the trolleybus –  and i must say it is indeed no easy task. Not only are the roads very in pretty bad shape, but the actual means of transportation do not even come close to the concept smooth driving, amortization and speed adjustments while engaging in U turns. So yes, i try to keep my kindle steady and read, but a lot of the times, i have to also hold on to my bag and hold on to the rails. While i am seated.

It is a challenge, but i am not one to give up on this easy and principle based  task. And i am up to 3% today. Hopefully tomorrow i will get on a newer trolleybus and i can jump up to 4, or even to 5%.  Pretty bold of me, huh?


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