How i get bullied by the Fitness Center sales person

I am a person who finds it very hard to say no. I know that about myself, so I am not really a target for diverse salesmen –  at least not when their approach is predictable and routine.

As I became unemployed in the middle of October, I had promised myself (who doesn’t?) – that I would get a gym membership and work out. Working out at home has its ups and downs, and thus I decided that I was going to try the gym for a while and then see how that goes. I was supposedly going to have the necessary time and the flexibility, so it all seemed like a good idea.

I checked out some websites online, and as I stumbled upon one center that was just across the street from where I live, I thought –  well isn’t this perfect! So I went.

It did take me a few days weeks, but I went.

Yes, I did want to see the insides of the center, and I wanted to know more about the programs and all. The nice lady took me for a tour, and she explained how things work, I did not agree to anything but I did say I was going to think about it and I gave her my phone number.

Little did I know she would be calling me every week. And yes, I keep telling her that no, I did not make up my mind yet, etcetera etcetera… But I cannot say no. I even agreed to come to the center again and discuss some issues. Oh, just say NO,k I AM NOT INTERESTED already.

So in the end, I feel a bit like Chandler and Ross, from friends, bullied by the fitness center sales representative J

Enjoy the below video –  it is hilarious !



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