Care to go for a run?

Yesterday was the 1st time i ran…  without being late, not in a hurry to work, or to catch means of public transportation. Yesterday was the 1st time i actually went to the park and ran… for pleasure and health.

running by the lake

And i was very happy for myself… and surprised that i liked it.

I am theoretically not allowed to run, jump, dance a lot or just stand for more than 15 minutes –  but i kinds do all of the above, and more. When i was 17 –  that was what, like last year? :D  –  i had a small accident during gym class, and i ended up spending 1 week with both my feet in gypsum, from my butt to the ankle. That fact, together with the incompetency of the doctor that treated me, ended up in broken ligaments and i am thus more or less limited in movement… for now. There are options –  special excercisez, medecine and surgery –  but for the last years i have limited myself to exercizes and the hope that i will be in those 5% that actually manage to heal their ligaments the natural way.

So yesterday was a big achievement for me –  both physically and psychologically. I used to hate running, back in school. It is probably because I (we) were all pretty out of shape, and we had to run a specific mileage, without any proper previous training, warmup or information about if  and how  we are supposed to breathe. I already know now that it is important to keep your breath constant –  and that is why yesterday i applied my theoretical knowledge vastly as i ran around the lake and as people would turn to let me pass. They probably heard me coming :)

I probably did not strike anyone as the regular runner –  ok, i was wearing running shoes ( ones that i usually use for just walking) but i was in my jeans… However, i plan to go back next weekend, properly dressed and mentally prepared to follow a beginner  runner programme.

Ahhm, spring is finally here :)


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