Park, Photos and Poplar fluff

It finally smells  and looks like spring. And the allovertheplace poplar fluff is making sure everyone knows.

Today i decided that even if it meant eating alone, i would spend my lunch break – or at least part of it – in the nearby park, with a nice view to the lake. I have a monthly pass and recently acquired panorama picture taking, so this was going to be like catching two rabbits at once :)


Dendrariu Park – Chisinau, Moldova

Even if sometimes a bit annoying, the poplar fluff flying around  is quite an interesting phenomenon, especially this year. It seems it is snowing poplar fluff, and the grass is full of cotton balls. Glasses are a must, and deep breaths –  no matter how much one wants to fill their lungs with the fresh warm spring air –  are not recommended.


Poplar Fluff in the Dendrariu Park, Chisnau, Moldova


Oh, and while i was at it, my grapefruit was begging for a selfie, so here it is:


The daily grapefruit, Dendrariu Park – Chisinau, Moldova


And, as i

Tuesday – sunny day at work

On some days, literally nothing happens. On days like today, when nothing extraordinary happens, but when all is great. Today, a close colleague of mine had a birthday, so there was candy and good mood.  The other colleague came back from a mini-vacation, so again, stories to be shared and laughs to be laughed.

And i also got home earlier than usual, which feels kinda nice.

Awwh, it is still daylight and i am home. What an interesting feeling. And it can only mean one thing :  summer is coming :D