How i finally chose my glasses

I have never ever worn eyeglasses –  and I have a hard time getting used to sunglasses too, so the fact that I have  to wear eyeglasses  while in front of the computer was a little unpleasant and hard to get used to.

I have had a desk job before, and yes, I have SEEN my vision deteriorate. I used to see way better, and way farther, but ever since I got my 1st laptop back in 2006, I have felt that my eyes are tired, that I sometimes cannot distinguish the faces of the people that are approaching me ( weird eyesight check, I know) and that my eyes are feeling more tired overall.

So this time I decided I was going to do things right. After all, i would be wearing glasses like any other professionals that has to do so on the job,  for example like the construction worker, right?

Getting over the psychological factor and actually starting to try on glasses was not an easy step to take. The 1st time I tried some on, I immediately took a metaphorical step back and started looking for excuses, as to why I should not get glasses in the first place… Was I going to wear them, once I got them? Would they make a difference? What if they would make my vision worse, rather than better? I would have marks on my nose from them, it would be hard to get used to having them on all the time, and I would not wear them at all in the end, so why get them?

The second time I tried on glasses, things went smoother, and I almost liked how one pair looked on me. They were light, they were the same color as my hair, and you could hardly tell I had them on! They were not too expensive, either. Hm, I said, this is not bad – but out the door I went.

The third time I tried on glasses I was almost sure I wanted a completely different model than the ones I had tried and liked. I started trying full plastic frame glasses, and I kinda liked the comfort that they offered, but they did draw a lot of attention on my face, so I went back to phase one: they would be heavy, and they look bad on me, and even if I got them I would not wear them anyway.

In between the 4th time I tried on glasses and the nth time, I kept using the imaginary glasses  as a conversation starter with my already not so new colleagues. Some were even asked twice.  So when I became more or less aware of how their eyes feel, I moved on to my friends. Apparently, my friends  would not  wear glasses just for the sake of computer protection, and those who wear eyeglasses hate the fact that they have to [wear them]. At work, however, there are a few persons who have protective lenses – so that motivated be to carry out my initial intention . Also, I kinda already HAD TO get the glasses, after all the hype created around them J

So,  after using up a couple more lunch breaks, I actually found an interesting frame and some great price/quality lenses at a pharmacy right next to my office. So on a Saturday morning, after trying on some other 10+ pairs at another pharmacy, I finally ordered the glasses at my nearby location.

Whew. Now all I have to do is to wear them. And take pictures to show to my overseas friends and sister – because of course they want to see what I finally ended up choosing :)

soft portrait


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