Just another morning

Today i did not really feel like anything i was doing made any sense, so i snoozed the alarm for 15 more minutes. 14, by the time i got back in bed.

That was, of course, a bad idea. Not only did i not get the sensation of having continued my sleep, but i also had to go through the  get up and turn off the alarm, rub eyes and think you want to sleep more, but you cannot  routine again. Oh well, at least i had that 1 pleasant moment of getting back into the warm bed, under the soft covers, on the already molded by to my body pillow.

YogaMat660It has already been 2 months + since i  work out  or ok, since i do some mild gymnastics in the morning. And yes, due to the fact that it is already routine, i find it easier to get started. I missed a couple of active mornings last week –  Easter –  and i was already feeling guilty, on one side, and, i was more demotivated, on the other. The morning after the acceptable pause –  a morning i had absolutely no excuse/reason not to work out, i just…. didn’t.  And i felt guilty about that for a while, and then i decided that the next day i would just get back on track and all will be ok.

Day 3 after the small break, and all is good. More than that, even, today was day 2 of a new type of routine :  Pilates.

In my experience, Pilates is really hard. And sometimes, it is also boring, as you have to repeat the same movement for long periods of time. However, for me, it was something of a go-to point : i wanted to reach a level of physical fitness where i would be able to do at least 80% of the suggested excercisez…  for beginners :)

Working out at home has its challenges. First of all, i have limited space. Whenever i reach up and i stretch, i touch the lamp, so i have to move out of the way. If i try lifting a leg, i have to adjust position again, and so on and so forth. Pilates, however, happens on the mat, and on the mat only. Yoga too. So yes, in the end, my final destination is building enough strength and flexibility to be able to do some yoga. It does not have to be much, maybe just a beginners light course. It will still be yoga, though.


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