Jon Mooallem: The strange story of the teddy bear and what it reveals about our relationship with animals

Impressive in its simplicity of words, but complexity of message. Yes, i have just described all TED talks.

No further comment.

Jon Mooallem: The strange story of the teddy bear and what it reveals about our relationship with animals




Acoustic night and awesome poems… “Я в глазах твоих утону, можно?”

Acoustic night in the local Valley of the Mills.

Acoustic Night at Valea Morilor Park- Chisinau, Moldova

Acoustic Night at Valea Morilor Park- Chisinau, Moldova

Yet another beautiful event that gathers beautiful people and  that makes life in Chisinau wonderful in the summer. Simple decor, great view, soft sand on the artificial beach. The floor is open to anyone who wants to sing a few songs in front of the audience, with an instrument of choice : guitar, accordeon, sax, or whatever other instrument… or no instrument at all. Anyone who wants to tell a story, or a poem.

This time, some songs were nicer than others, but there was this one poem that is truly one of the most emotional poems i have ever heard/read. It takes me back to every tear i shed for the unfulfilled, impossible or inappropriate loves…  and for the ones that were not taken care of properly.

(The poem is in russian : i did not find a translation for it, and if i had… it would probably ruin it.

I will drown in your eyes…. May i? 

Я в глазах твоих утону, можно?

Я в глазах твоих утону. Можно?
Ведь тонуть в глазах твоих – счастье.
Подойду и скажу: «Здравствуй!»
Я люблю тебя очень! сложно
Нет, не сложно любить это трудно
Очень трудно любить, веришь?
Подойду к обрыву – крутому!
Буду падать – поймай! Успеешь?
Только мне без тебя плохо!
Я хочу быть с тобой, слышишь???
Не минуту, не месяц, а долго,
Очень долго – всю жизнь! Понимаешь?
Знаешь… вместе всегда!
Если «да», я тебе обещаю,
Что ты самой счастливой будешь
Если «нет», я тебя умоляю,
Не казни своим взглядом, не надо,
Не тяни своим взглядом в омут!
Пусть другого ты любишь – ладно!
Но меня хоть немножко помни!
Я любить тебя буду, можно?
Даже если нельзя – буду!
И всегда я приду на помощь,
Если будет тебе трудно!
Я люблю тебя, слышишь?

It is still not known for sure who the author of this amazingly touching poem is. Some sources say the poem is by Роберт Рождественский or by Эдуард Асадов. Others say it is by a moldavian poet. Either way, he probably did not care for recognition. He only cared for her.

I will drown in your eyes, may i?

Good morning, Chisinau

Today I arrived at the office waaaaay too early, and i decided to try my luck and go to the balcony of a higher floor. As the access via the elevator is restricted through access cards, up the stairs i went.

As i was ascending, one floor after another, i was both counting floors and trying the doors. Locked, locked, locked… 9. Open. Yey. Locked, locked, locked, rooftop door –  locked… So back down to 9th floor it is then :)

9th floor

North – West Chisinau

There is something special about high places, balconies, high points, mountains and so on. They give that feeling of freedom, of air, of detachment from the everyday fuss. And it is from there that one can see the big picture. In this case, it is the west side of Chisinau.

I am glad someone had forgotten to lock that door. Left the keys in the lock too.

The morning grapefruit

I usually select my morning grapefruits very well. I look at the ones that are farthest away from the edge of the shelf –  these are the ones that are always neglected, unseen, they are the base of the pyramid and they create that perfect shape for the other grapefruits to lay high and look at the world. I hug them lightly with my fingers, i ask them how they are and if they are the one – the one willing to go for a short walk. I then pick one, red, round, not too soft and not too hard. I pay the usual 50-60 cents for it, smile, wish the cashier a good day and off to the office i am.

The chosen one is usually laying on my table, watching me work, till lunch time. Every day, for the last month or so. Including today.

But today, even if i was sure i had chosen wisely, after having peeled it off, my grapefruit was damaged. It had gone bad. I tried to save at least part of it, but in the trash bin it went.

Sad sad grapefruitless afternoon.

I get home, still thinking about my choice and the poor bad grapefruit, and what do i see? Not one, not two, but 4 grapefruits on the table.

For when one door closes, another one opens. In my case, 4 more opened. Or were opened, by M.


Lunch in the Dendrariu Park

It was too nice outside to spend the lunch break inside. So i took my lunch box, and out the door i went.  My office building is right next to the Dendrariu Park of Chisinau, which is a quite large and a quite beautiful location. I have purchased a monthly visitor’s pass, and thus i can indulge in the green as much and as often as i want. As long as it is during my lunch breaks. On weekdays.


Dendrariu Park Lake

Usually, in the afternoon, aside from a few curious young ladies and a few couples searching for privacy, the park is quite empty. It is quite nice, felt like having it all to myself.


Still some work to do on the alley, but other than that, pretty



This park is quite popular among photographers…. either of nature or of themselves


The water lilies look like they are about to blossom :)



My office building in the back


So today i had a good lunch break  :)