Finally bought shoes!

I kinda do not like shopping. Especially the forced type – when u know you need  to buy something.

I like ending up with new things –  true –  but i do not really like shopping. Especially when i am at it alone. Or when i am with someone, for that matter.

It feels like there is so much to choose from, i am very slow to decide and i always fall into the trap of thinking that why spend so much money on xyz  when my old dress/shoes/skirt are still wearable… If i see something i like, i then go into another pit –  i will most probably not wear the dressy dress or the high heel shoes, and in the end, of course, in the battle of mind over mirror, i go home empty handed and wallet-full.

These last few weeks were different though. I needed  shoes. I can’t really wear sneakers to work every day. Or can i?

In and out of the same store, lurking around the same few pairs, then going back to see whether i might have missed something, then opening my mind yet a bit more, then moving on to another store… and so on and so forth. Till finally, I found a pair that i liked.

I told myself, no pits this time. Yes, they are brown and they will be hard to match with my current outfits. Yes they are a bit high. But no, i like them, they fit, i have the money, i am getting them!

Whew !


As i was walking home, enjoying the high of the nomoreforcedshoppingforawhoile mood, i realized i need new outfits for the shoes. But as i was feeling my wave going down, i decided that no, i will not go there yet. Not till the next weekend.

And on Monday, i will stand tall.  Some 7 cm taller than usual.


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