How i chose to be a lazy panda

It was raining. It was raining at it was 6:30 AM. Did I mention it was raining? And that it was 6:30 AM?

So I did it: I snoozed my alarm for 10 more minutes… and then 10 more, and … 10 more.

As it was already 7 am  (7:15 by the time I was completely awoken, out of bed and with the latter made) and it was still raining, I decided that I would not fulfill my usual habit of working out  in the morning.  After all, I had done so every day for the last few weeks,  and if that weren’t enough to create an excuse for me that morning, on one day I had actually moved to a non-beginner Pilates workout. It was short –  true –  but some of it was nearly impossible. And that fact made me  1)not want to workout in the morning anymore 2)sore and sad that I could not pull through it and 3)want to take a break day in the morning.

And on that one break day  – as I was calling it, M immediately labeled me as LAZY.

Grr, was I mad. It was a BREAK DAY!

Or was it?

After giving some careful thought all the way to the station, then in public transportation, then in the store while buying my usual morning grapefruit , and then on the upward walk toward the office building, and after passing through the stages of anger ( i deserve a breakday!) , anguish ( why can’t i have a breakday?), sadness ( why did i break my routine?) and finally, acceptance ( ok, i broke my routine, deal with it!)  and promise to not let it happen again, I realized something.

I had been LAZY.

Pure and simple.

Because it was raining. And it was 6:30 AM.



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