Shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes

Pairs of shoes are not your life partner. You can have more than one at the same time. And there is no perfect ONE.

Do not get the classic, as they are not suitable for more colorful endeavors. Do not get the innocent, as they might wear out quickly. Do not get the embellished, because they will lose their beauty in time. Do not get the  sexy, as they cannot fit everyday desires. Do not get the comfortable, as they are not appropriate for grandeur. Do not get the interesting, as they might not fit in.

Well, I got all of the above. Because it is ok. It is ok to have more than one pair of shoes.

And not i have not one, not two, but six pairs of shoes. Yes. Six. Four of which were bought in one day.  I found, tried on, bought and took home.

Phew, what a relief.

No more shoe shopping for a while. I can actually spend my lunch breaks and weekends somewhere other than stores and malls. Like in a park. Or near a lake. Or at home, watching TV shows.


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