Lunch in the Dendrariu Park

It was too nice outside to spend the lunch break inside. So i took my lunch box, and out the door i went.  My office building is right next to the Dendrariu Park of Chisinau, which is a quite large and a quite beautiful location. I have purchased a monthly visitor’s pass, and thus i can indulge in the green as much and as often as i want. As long as it is during my lunch breaks. On weekdays.


Dendrariu Park Lake

Usually, in the afternoon, aside from a few curious young ladies and a few couples searching for privacy, the park is quite empty. It is quite nice, felt like having it all to myself.


Still some work to do on the alley, but other than that, pretty



This park is quite popular among photographers…. either of nature or of themselves


The water lilies look like they are about to blossom :)



My office building in the back


So today i had a good lunch break  :)


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