Life is too short for regrets, and it is even shorter for shoulda woulda couldas. But no, i do not think that life is too short to learn German. As one thing that i keep

I will learn. One day. When i am done procrastinating and finding excuses for myself, such as  i am going on a holiday/trip and i will miss some lessons thus there is no point to start now /  where will i use this language, i will end up forgetting it /  it is not easy and i will probably give up half way  and, my favourite,  should i be investing my time and money in this? 

In the meantime, however, here is the German word of today.

Quite an inspiring one, might i say.

Möglich –  possible

The phrase, however, is not as motivational :

Ich glaube nicht, dass das möglich ist –  I don’t believe this is possible.

But i am still a beginner, so i will stick with the single word.



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