Vatra Medieval Festival

I love summer in Moldova. Summer is great in Moldova. And it is the only time when one can sincerely say that no, the grass is not greener anywhere else. The grass is greenest in Moldova.

The first Medieval Festival in Moldova was supposed to be organized at the end of may-beginning of June, but due to the bad weather, it got postponed and thus i was able to have all my friends over for my birthday. The weekend it was happening, though, i was gonna be there.

There are some people whom you just accept in your life and feel like they have been there forever. And even though jokes have flowed between us for only 1 month, i dragged AT and another friend to the festival location, which is some 30 km away from the city. Before we even knew it, there we were,  backed with supplies and good mood, standing in a quite hot small public transportation unit. But it did not matter, as there was plenty of energy and laughter to go around for both us and the rest of the passengers. Thumbs up!

Upon arrival, the open minded AT already made another acquaintance, and we left him work his charms on the pretty little lady for a while. Once inside, though, beer, ice-cream and good ( but expensive) fried meat covered his need for socialization.

The sun was hot, the beer was cold, and the lines were long. The prices were high, the items on display and sale were very nice, and the sun was hot. The ice-cream was to die for, the food was good and the sun was hot. The frisbee was a bit expensive –  it had the logo of a company on it, and we were sure that they were supposed to be given away for free, but Moldova business does not work that way – and yes, the sun was hot. This is why when a spot in the shade opened up, we took it with no hesitation, and we kinda missed all the ‘Medieval’ part of the festival –  the re-enactments of fights. We did shoot the crossbow though –  for me, out of 5 arrows, 3 landed in the grass and only 2 were kinda on the right track,  somewhere close to the mark :)

For unknown reasons, we seemed to always end up close to the kids area, and thus the voice of the kids activities moderator who was trying to fake his enthusiasm stuck with us for the whole day.  We also brought it home for future recollections. So all in all, the day was exactly that, a complete and definite  “Ura, ura, ura!”

Vatra - The camping area

Vatra – The camping area


Launch aaaand…. miss


King of the hill




Hiking trial nr 1


Green green grass


now there is a giant apple in the field ( the concept of the elephant in the room is outdated)


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