Why the push-up is a great exercize

I need to start working out again. 

But these excuses keep flooding my brain and my eyelids; my hands just hit the snooze button before my brain even realizes i can actually wake up and do something useful in the morning. 

This time i need to find some motivation, dunno, in the form of a before and after, maybe?

Or i need to do my own 30 day challenge :) 

And here is the link that made me write this super-informative and useful post:

Why The Pushup Is The World’s Greatest Exercise

I need to work less and work-out more. Sounds like a plan. 


Well, i guess not all mornings are the same.

This particular one is kinda autumny.  Rain last night? Cold? Pants and long sleeves it is then (sigh).

No sun, no milk, and, as discovered after snapping this picture, there was lack of heat in the oven too, as the brioche was kinda under-cooked. But it still looks good.



But i kinda like my job, so all is good in the world :D

Mmmm, coffee is my friend.

Drawing red lines in blue ink

Yep. I can sooo relate to that.


P.S. This is what i do for a living. I am the woman in the white shirt.

P.P.S. It’s a good thing that after long daily/weekly meetings and occasional sightings in the kitchen the 2 sides of the table finally agree on what color the lines are. Loosen up, search for the word ‘antelope’ in a meeting and show everyone why we want a ‘google’ like feature a.k.a blue lines with blue ink and not a ‘bing’ like one, a.k.a. inflated baloons in the form of kittens. Or birds.

That’s what our Anderson did, and it worked. 

The meeting antelope screenshot

The meeting antelope screenshot

P.P.P.S Bing is not that bad. The joke was still funny :) 

Good Mo…NDAY!

And this is how i start the day. Not bad for a Monday, eh?


Morning coffee with fresh milk


P.S. I tried to remove the stain from the paper bag, but my paint.net skills are not that advanced. yet.

P.P.S. Next time i will cover the stain with the brioche :D