Morning hike

This morning started out as any other morning from the last 2 weeks :  me, lazy and sleepy in bed, with heavy head and eyelids… It has already turned into a habit for me to snooze the alarm some 45 minutes each morning, and this particular time was no different. I thus get up at an hour way later than usual, and I skip the morning exercise routine just because I do not want to get to work too late. The morning routine had been strict for me on so many mornings –  some 5 months, to be exact –  but somehow, it looks like sometime in those 10 long but wonderful hiking in the mountains hours I have drained my will power. I can no longer wake up early, and it looks like i had been wrong to say that no, I did not forget/lose anything on that trip. I did lose something, and I don’t know why, but I feel like it was a part of myself.

On this particular day, I got to the bus station as usual, but just to see that there was an administrative/traffic problem, and no means of transport were moving in any direction. After assessing the situation for a couple of minutes, I decided against the option to go back home and get the bicycle in favor of walking. Hiking to work ? Why not?

No backpack, no walking shoes either, though. And a ladies bag, filled with my lunch food.

That trip did me well. It was so exhilarating, on some level… I was on a different hiking path, but I had found a little piece of myself that I had lost.

I promised myself I would definitely do it again. Who knows what else awaits me, on the way?


Chisinau, Albisoara Bridge


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