Drawing red lines in blue ink

Yep. I can sooo relate to that.


P.S. This is what i do for a living. I am the woman in the white shirt.

P.P.S. It’s a good thing that after long daily/weekly meetings and occasional sightings in the kitchen the 2 sides of the table finally agree on what color the lines are. Loosen up, search for the word ‘antelope’ in a meeting and show everyone why we want a ‘google’ like feature a.k.a blue lines with blue ink and not a ‘bing’ like one, a.k.a. inflated baloons in the form of kittens. Or birds.

That’s what our Anderson did, and it worked. 

The meeting antelope screenshot

The meeting antelope screenshot

P.P.P.S Bing is not that bad. The joke was still funny :) 


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