Day 1

1st of september. No worries for school, for university, taxes, documents and all that kind of stuff. 2nd year in a row now, when all this date means is just the beginning of another month. The salary is due. And yes. Autumn is around the corner.

I have been lazy since like the 23rd of July. I have interrupted my daily workout routine…  but summer is almost over, and so are all the festivals, the late night drinks, the talks and my excuses. So here it is :  fitness challenge day 1.

Arms challenge :  6 tricep dips, 4 push ups and 8 mountain climbers.

… and  no, i do  not think that tomorrow i will be able to rise to 5 push-ups ( normal, not girly).

Buns challenge: 15 squats, 5 bridges, 10 lunges.

… actually easier than i expected. Day 2, i can take you.

Abs challenge :  15 sit-ups, 5 crunches, 5 leg raises.

… been there done that. So yes, looking forward to tomorrow.

All in all, it only took me 15 minutes, more or less, warm-up included.



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