Wednesday snooze

I did snooze, i did find excuses to sleep in a little longer, but in the end, i was brave enough to face the September morning cold and to fight the numbness in my body. Yes, it is hard, but if it were easy, everybody would do it.

I guess i kinda wished today were Thursday and not Wednesday, and that is why i did the Thursday Workout ;) Actually, i was curious to see whether it will be easier this time, as last time the butt&thigh left me with pain… in one thigh. Worried that i might have not done the workout properly last time, this time i started with the other side.

I admit that during the 2 difficult moves, i took small breaks –  however, i would not have been able to complete the exercise otherwise. Hopefully, next time ( or the time after that) i will be able to go through it without feeling the need (or the tremor) to stop :)

And yes, this time, i can feel my buns. Yey.


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