What am i doing with my life?

What am i doing with my life?

That is actually a very good question. My first answer was that ‘ i am sitting in a chair in front of the computer all day’, but then someone pointed out that no, it cannot be that sad… And it’s not.

What am i doing with my life?

I am creating memories and trying to make good jokes.

6 things i could never do without

The 6 things i could never do without, more or less in random order, just off the top of my head:

1. my friends and family
2. sense of humor
3. optimism
4. health
5. sunshine
6. planning

If i were to think about it more, maybe the list would be a bit different. It is nice to see what this quick one turned out like though.

Abs – level 1 ( with sound effects)


Ok, so i got this link from a friend, together with the challenge to do it more than once a day ( ideally 3 times)  and not have anything hurt the next day.

What can i say… First of all, the voice is too annoying to concentrate too much on what you are doing, so the workout is over before you know it. Too bad the rhythm and the VOICE stick in your head for a long time afterwards.

Second of all – the moves were ok, till i got to the last one. I was like ‘mmmmmm…NO.’ No way.

I did not give up though, and did a variation instead.

And to think that this is level 1.

And third of all – I repeated the routine twice yesterday, and the good thing is that in the evening i found the original version of the video, with the same rhythm but less annoying sound effects.

And yep, things hurt this morning.

Oh well.


Did 10 push-ups today –  normal ones, not girly –  and i was really proud of myself.

Did 20 girly after that.

Bad idea. I am already starting to feel it in my muscles how much of a bad idea that was.

I guess all that talk about how one has to ease into exercise routines is not void of truth….