Autumn mornings – lazy thursday

lazy thursdayI don’t really like autumn mornings with Ireland/UK like weather. It is still dark when the alarm rings,  just do it. I snooze. Without too much hesitation.

On most of these mornings, I get up by the time the alarm rings again –  after several snoozes – at 7, but today was different. And it was not different in the sense that I promised myself the day before – it was different because I snoozed more.

I wanted this morning to be different. I wanted to get up early. I wanted to get back to my previous working out routine.

But no, it was not different. It was exactly the same – I had the same excuses.

The autumn mornings are cold, damp and dark. My apartment is not too warm in the morning either, and it creates a very deep and hard to resist wish to just stay in bed under the covers, where it is nice and warm.  and where there is nothing but you and the dreamland.

The autumn mornings are ones in which I know I will have to spend quite a fair amount of time to get to work.

The autumn mornings are ones in which I do not seem to have the necessary energy, when I feel s hungover with no reason.

Hung over nothing. Yes, these are the autumn mornings.

I got into work later than usual today. No matter – I was still the 1st to arrive. I guess I wasn’t the only snoozer.

Coffee please!


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