It is all on the inside

It all depends on how you feel on the inside.

Today was one of those Thursdays when i did not have a late meeting at work, and when i decided to go to Toastmasters. Today was once again a time when i listened to the speeches but chose not to get out of the comfort zone. Today was once again a day when i did not speak in front of the audience… but i did introduce myself, so something i did do ;)

Today’s Toastmaster session was different, as it celebrated the romanian ‘Dragobete’, our own Valentine’s Day. One of the speakers re-enacted one scene from ‘Romeo& Juliet’ with his girlfriend… and actually took it all the way and proposed, right then and there in front of everyone. It was a great moment, one that made people realize that no, romance is not dead. At least not for everyone :)

After the talks, a small group was discussing clothing choices, and how they knew a person who wore lots of colored clothes, and who was all joyful and irradiating happiness all the time. ‘It is all about how you feel on the inside’ –  they said. It then reflects in all you do.’

True. Very true.

Wearing bright clothes is not enough. One has to be bright and happy on the inside too.


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