About Me

“If you think i talk too much, let me know. We can talk about it”

solo selfie

Employed ,with a desk job, hard working but willing to carry out water-cooler conversations whenever occasions arise. Or, better said, willing to go out for tea on the balcony whenever good company shows up.

Positive, hardworking, creative. Bossy.

I am constantly over thinking things, but then i stop. Then i start again as i am afraid to under think things. 

I talk a lot and i like to write. Currently most of my wit is stored in Skype history. 

I like to read comics online, I watch TV series and browse Facebook but i rarely share anything in return. 

I tweet.

I am arachnophobic and i hate arrogance.

I have traveled a lot and thus i am great at packing.

I love pumpkin pie, white wine and beer. I drink coffee with milk, i like fruit ice-cream and everything sweet. 

Music makes me feel better, i like to sing even if i can’t. Friends say i’m fun at karaoke parties. 

I love 80s and 90s music, I have lots of songs of different genres on my phone but I always end up listening to the radio, or to the queen album. 

I take photos of my food, but i do not have Instagram.

I have a kindle and when i am not procrastinating, i like to read social economics books. And novels. 

When i run out of clothes, i work out or i diet drastically. 

I love puzzles, i do not wear make-up and i own more dresses than any other clothing item. 

I fight the urge to snooze the alarm 20 times in the morning before getting up, i talk in my sleep and i dream in colors. 

I DO NOT hate my alarm clock song. 

I like Gangnam Style and i think my jokes are funny. I dream of having my own comic strip one day.


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