towards a better me

First step is made :  booked 3 evenings out of 7 for personal health and wellbeing.

At first it seemed a lot, but now that it is down in writing, i see that it is not. It is actually less than half….


‘I have no time for X’ is an excuse. And a very bad one.

I have all the time in the world, it’s just a question of what i choose to do with it.

Knock Knock Knocking on locked doors

If there is a closed door, knock, it might open. Or it might not. But you will never know till you knock.

And if you knock, and there is no answer – maybe you need to knock harder. If you knock again, and it still remains closed – maybe there is nobody there. If you knock a third time and there is still no movement –  surely, nothing is there. Or maybe they don’t want to open. So stop disturbing.




lasa in pacejpg


‘ If someone isn’t meeting you half way…  leave them be.’


Sometimes you just feel like cleaning. Cleaning your computer, your desktop, organize your folders, install all the updates, empty the recycle bin, clean the desk at the office, clean the house, clean your thoughts….

Germany and romance

Apparently romantic videos of the 80s are banned in Germany.


Could this be a Government demographic policy technique to increase the number of relationships/marriages in Germany : girls do not listen to romantic music -> girls do not know what real romance is like -> expectations are low -> girls accept anything the german fellows say as romantic -> relationship -> population grows.

Nah, Germans are just as romantic as any other nation :)

Midnight reflections

‘Nowadays, it is easier to get sex than to get asked to dance. ‘

The above quote was on my facebook wall these days.

Then i heard a story about how he  wanted a serious relationship and she wanted only sex. Some time ago, this did not happen at all. Less time ago, it was very popular for guys to say that all they want is some  fun , or that they would go for the famous friends with benefits.  Now, also girls are only into  flings,  one night stands and just plain i got needs.

Yep, this is what we have gotten to. Maybe this is just another way to control the population growth.