JAN BLOMQVIST – ‘Something Says’

Awesome lyrics  :)  The music is not too bad either.

 JAN BLOMQVIST lyrics : “Something Says”


The beginning says:
“Don’t forget about me”.
The end only says:
“We’ll never meet, yeah”.

Happyness says:
“Can you gimme a ride?”
But anxiety knows,
there’s more room inside, yeah.

The wind would love,
to stay here with you.
Fog, he tries,
to think it through, yeah.

The disguise moans:
“I feel so used”.
Promodel says:
“I wanna be yours,” yeah.

Wanna be yours.

Heart lets it slip:
“I’m not a boss”.
Nowhere admits:
“I wanna be loved”.

Truth whispering:
“Don’t conceal me”.
Love secretly writes:
“Come and find me”.

Come and find me.

“Where did we go wrong?”
Said the memory.
The flower appeals:
“Please kidnap me,” yeah.

“Gimme your hand.”
Is what said the fear.
Children they dine
with wild tigers here.

TV, it hissed:
“It’s just us two.”
Its shadow repeats:
“Can’t follow you,” yeah.

Can’t follow you.

Temptation says:
“I am the boss.”
The hiding-place says:
“I feel so lost,” yeah.

And so the cringe
fits so afraid.
Gravity warns:
“No need to hate,” yeah.