18 things that made a happy June Day

1. I had a good night’s sleep, and i only snoozed the alarm twice.

2. I managed to do the 75 sit-ups and the 100 crunches. No luck on the leg raises though.

3. The bus came right as i was approaching the station, so i got to work quite early.

4. Had a nice coffee + sweet cheese at the balcony in good company.

5. Had a 2nd morning tea meeting on the balcony, still in good company.

6. Felt quite productive at work, stress levels were low and joke levels were high.

7. Listened to really nice songs while working.

8. My leg is feeling a lot better, as it is recovering from a small bicycle accident.

9. I have to participate in  a late meeting, but my colleague offered to drive me home afterwards. Yey!

10. I laughed a lot today.

11. And then i laughed some more.

12. I promised not to get involved in issues that are none of my business. I hope i keep the promise.

13. I made a few good jokes today.

14. The daily grapefruit was really tasty.

15. Bought a new type of drink –  it wasn’t too good, but it came in a very nice bottle, which i kept but might never re-use, but still.

16. Had tea with biscuits while watching the sunset with a couple of colleagues.

17. I organized the photos in my phone.

18. I wrote this list and i was smiling the entire time!


23 reasons to be happy today

Well, I guess it is true that a lot of ones inspiration comes from the things we read. In my case, this is already the 2nd time the title of an article inspires me to create my own [article]

So  here goes, the 23 reasons to be happy today :

  1. I woke up before the alarm rang and I felt really rested.
  2. I dreamt that I was at home, in my own bed. It was nice.
  3. My friend and flatmate made me coffee.
  4. My other friend and flatmate got up grumpy and I gave her a hug. She growled.
  5. I saw on the weather forecast that today’s max would be 26 degrees.
  6. I was not late for the shuttle taking me to the office.
  7. The mean lady did not ask who was getting off the bus at the BlueCo, so I did not have to raise my hand and draw the attention of the whole bus. The driver just took me there.
  8. I changed the appearance of my blog and I really like it now.
  9. I had a very nice talk with my manager.
  10. I had a really nice lunch. I had super un-natural orange juice to go with it.
  11. I then had some hot choco and I talked with a person close to me.
  12. I set up a meeting in the evening to go have drinks with friends.
  13. I got an idea for a blog post. And I am writing it now.
  14. I don’t think my hair is all that bad today.
  15. It actually is sunny outside.
  16. I will not procrastinate : I made plans to actually do something I HAVE to do today. And I am certain that I will do it.
  17. I may be employed for some 2 more weeks, but I get to go home anyway, and work from there.
  18. I have a wedding I am really looking forward to, next week.
  19. I have great friends.
  20. I realized that when I get home, I will get to wear my cute boots, as it is already REAL autumn/Italian winter there.
  21. At the office, I sat near the window so I get to look out and let my eyes wonder over the green grass while I am searching for the right solution to a certain issue.
  22. I feel good today. I am actually starting to accept the 5/2 , 8 hour workday balance. I think, at least. And I guess it is not that bad to have a stress-less job, and then have enough energy left to pursue personal projects. That of course, if the latter applies. In my case, I have only recently reached this level where I am comfortable with what I do, and where there are less and less stressful moments per week, as I go forward.
  23. Have I mentioned the fact that there are 26 degrees outside, and today is the 26th of September?