Good morning, Chisinau

Today I arrived at the office waaaaay too early, and i decided to try my luck and go to the balcony of a higher floor. As the access via the elevator is restricted through access cards, up the stairs i went.

As i was ascending, one floor after another, i was both counting floors and trying the doors. Locked, locked, locked… 9. Open. Yey. Locked, locked, locked, rooftop door –  locked… So back down to 9th floor it is then :)

9th floor

North – West Chisinau

There is something special about high places, balconies, high points, mountains and so on. They give that feeling of freedom, of air, of detachment from the everyday fuss. And it is from there that one can see the big picture. In this case, it is the west side of Chisinau.

I am glad someone had forgotten to lock that door. Left the keys in the lock too.

Lunch in the Dendrariu Park

It was too nice outside to spend the lunch break inside. So i took my lunch box, and out the door i went.  My office building is right next to the Dendrariu Park of Chisinau, which is a quite large and a quite beautiful location. I have purchased a monthly visitor’s pass, and thus i can indulge in the green as much and as often as i want. As long as it is during my lunch breaks. On weekdays.


Dendrariu Park Lake

Usually, in the afternoon, aside from a few curious young ladies and a few couples searching for privacy, the park is quite empty. It is quite nice, felt like having it all to myself.


Still some work to do on the alley, but other than that, pretty



This park is quite popular among photographers…. either of nature or of themselves


The water lilies look like they are about to blossom :)



My office building in the back


So today i had a good lunch break  :)

Finally bought shoes!

I kinda do not like shopping. Especially the forced type – when u know you need  to buy something.

I like ending up with new things –  true –  but i do not really like shopping. Especially when i am at it alone. Or when i am with someone, for that matter.

It feels like there is so much to choose from, i am very slow to decide and i always fall into the trap of thinking that why spend so much money on xyz  when my old dress/shoes/skirt are still wearable… If i see something i like, i then go into another pit –  i will most probably not wear the dressy dress or the high heel shoes, and in the end, of course, in the battle of mind over mirror, i go home empty handed and wallet-full.

These last few weeks were different though. I needed  shoes. I can’t really wear sneakers to work every day. Or can i?

In and out of the same store, lurking around the same few pairs, then going back to see whether i might have missed something, then opening my mind yet a bit more, then moving on to another store… and so on and so forth. Till finally, I found a pair that i liked.

I told myself, no pits this time. Yes, they are brown and they will be hard to match with my current outfits. Yes they are a bit high. But no, i like them, they fit, i have the money, i am getting them!

Whew !


As i was walking home, enjoying the high of the nomoreforcedshoppingforawhoile mood, i realized i need new outfits for the shoes. But as i was feeling my wave going down, i decided that no, i will not go there yet. Not till the next weekend.

And on Monday, i will stand tall.  Some 7 cm taller than usual.

Another early weekend

Another official day off here in Moldova, and there is no complaining on either side of the corporate ladder.

Another day to spend in stores, shopping, or trying to.

Another day when i did not buy anything, but i guess i got closer. An itsy bitsy closer to my goal –  buy shoes!

Another day to spend as one wishes. Some of it in the park, playing badminton and a card game that i am terrible at.

Another day to give to the remembering self  ( Think Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman).

Another good day.

Eurovision Song Contest 2014

I actually watch Eurovision every year –  it is a bit of a tradition. Either with family or friends –  or even by myself –  i enjoy the Yearly European Song Contest, i make predictions, never vote and sometimes i add songs to my playlist.

This year, there have been quite a few to choose from.

Too bad these 2 did not make it to the finals!

Aarzemnieki – Cake To Bake (Latvia) 

Tanja – Amazing (Estonia)   – Really an amazing performance!

2nd place in the competition, The Common Linnets – Calm After The Storm (The Netherlands)


5th Place, András Kállay-Saunders – Running (Hungary)


13th place,  Sebalter – Hunter Of Stars ( Switzerland)


4th place, Aram MP3 – Not Alone (Armenia)


12th place, Paula Seling & OVI – Miracle (Romania)


25th place, Tinkara Kovač – Round and round (Slovenia)


….. and last but not least, the song that created the most controversy, most discussions, and got most points:

1st place, Conchita Wurst – Rise Like A Phoenix ( Austria) –  Winner


The question is, did she win despite of her beard, or because of it?

Paragliding wannabe

Today we went to a quite faraway site, wishing to try something really amazing  : flying with the paraglide.

We did a lot of talking, a lot of walking, picture taking, newfeaturesonphone discovering, pizza eating, new people meeting, in the car hiding because a thunderand hail storm began…. but no flying.

Oh well, next time maybe –  the flight has already been paid for, so…

The sights at this location were amazing, though. And to think i had no idea we have that ….



1st of may is an official day off –  Labor day :)  And we celebrated it in nature, through team building, beginner volleyball and fried meat.

I usually don’t play volleyball –  because i can’t, but this time, i did, and it was nice.

Also, as the common transport means got us back to the city too early –  around 7 pm, we stayed in the office playing a board game for another 2 hours, which was also awesome.

All in all, I work with a great team of people. Awesome.

Park, Photos and Poplar fluff

It finally smells  and looks like spring. And the allovertheplace poplar fluff is making sure everyone knows.

Today i decided that even if it meant eating alone, i would spend my lunch break – or at least part of it – in the nearby park, with a nice view to the lake. I have a monthly pass and recently acquired panorama picture taking, so this was going to be like catching two rabbits at once :)


Dendrariu Park – Chisinau, Moldova

Even if sometimes a bit annoying, the poplar fluff flying around  is quite an interesting phenomenon, especially this year. It seems it is snowing poplar fluff, and the grass is full of cotton balls. Glasses are a must, and deep breaths –  no matter how much one wants to fill their lungs with the fresh warm spring air –  are not recommended.


Poplar Fluff in the Dendrariu Park, Chisnau, Moldova


Oh, and while i was at it, my grapefruit was begging for a selfie, so here it is:


The daily grapefruit, Dendrariu Park – Chisinau, Moldova


And, as i