why you can’t both have the cake and eat it

Why it’s nice to be pregnant the same time as your friends: you both talk about kicks and late-night heartburns, rather than one talking about medical appointments while the other shares their latest rock concert experience …

but i myself wanted a baby so let’s pull through all the stuff i used to be able to do and now i can’t. after all, the list of the ‘no-no’ things will only grow longer as i go, so might as well get used to it.

everyone who wants/has kids has to go through this sooner or later. on one side, when you do this later you have already experienced quite a lot and it’s ok to slow down for a while. but on the other side, you know exactly what you’re missing.

it’s easier for guys. for starters, they don’t have to carry lots of extra weight around…. both on their feet and on their minds. (about the struggles of a soon to be mom in this information saturation era later)


better late than never

it’s a bit late (no intended associacion with the usual pun about pregnancy and being late) in the pregnancy to start doing this – going strong on 32 weeks – but better late than never, right?

i’ve been thinking about this for a while now – reviving the blog, starting to share things not necessarily for others to see but mostly for me to get them out-  yea, more about getting things out of me later :D – but i guess today was the day when i realized that it’s time.

it’s time to embrace the fact that I AM PREGNANT and there is a baby coming in 60 days or less. but who’s counting?

P.S the title also seems a bit of a pun :D late, pregnancy, better late to have kids than never… you get it.