Some time ago, i was working at the BlueCo, in a program called MS Excel. My computer- to be honest- was by far not the best one, and the files i was managing were – to be honest- huge. The programs kept shutting down unexpectedly and thus i, to counter this problem, developed this skill: CTRL+S every 10 seconds.

And it helped. While saving  MS Office Browser windows, Explorer windows, Picture viewers….

But skills have this characteristic of depletion over time. Too bad, because a  CTRL+S would have been very handy today, 10 seconds before my Word Document shut down and there were no other versions of my file available….

It’s a good thing i have a good memory. It is a skill i use daily :)

Singing in the office

As i was working and minding my own business, at one moment i took my headphones off and went towards the coat hanger to look for something in my bag.

My colleague looked up at me and smiled.

‘I see you like Queen. Me too!’

I smiled guiltily and assumed that the volume was a bit too high in my headphones.

‘Nope. I heard you singing just now.’


As i was going down the hall to the kitchen, i meet a colleague round the corner.

Was that you singing just now?

I laughed. ‘Yep.’

No further comment.