Before and After

Today was the day that i was prepared to give more money than usual for a haircut. Today was the day that i was prepared to actually make a change in my appearance. Today i was ready to go to a nice hairdressing salon. For the 1st time.

But aside from the fact that the scalp massage while i was getting my hair washed and the nice smell of the shampoo, i did not really grasp the whole ‘ Style salon’ idea. Coz what i left with was hair just a bit shorter and the walled a lot lighter.

On the way back to work i tried to convince myself that it was for the better, than now i can avoid being self conscious about my new look, that i can still wear my hair up and that my relatives will not comment on my haircut, but will have to find another personal aspect of my life to comment on.

So this is basically how i felt:


It made me smile –  but, to my surprise, the above was not applicable in my case.

Coz when your male co-worker notices that you have had a haircut, it means that the ‘After’ IS different from the ‘Before’.  Or maybe he has a very keen sense of observation. Or his wife trained him well.



Sometimes you just feel like cleaning. Cleaning your computer, your desktop, organize your folders, install all the updates, empty the recycle bin, clean the desk at the office, clean the house, clean your thoughts….

12 Hrs

Little, or no work-life balance is when i get to work in the morning and it says grey on white that i uploaded a file to the common platform just 12 hours ago.

In these 12 hours that have passed, i managed to have coffee and a heart to heart talk with a friend, read 3 chapters of my book, sleep, go to the swimming pool and swim 1.350m, get back home, prepare and get to work, buy breakfast and socialize briefly with 2 colleagues.

Pretty impressive, now that i think about it.