Knock Knock Knocking on locked doors

If there is a closed door, knock, it might open. Or it might not. But you will never know till you knock.

And if you knock, and there is no answer – maybe you need to knock harder. If you knock again, and it still remains closed – maybe there is nobody there. If you knock a third time and there is still no movement –  surely, nothing is there. Or maybe they don’t want to open. So stop disturbing.




lasa in pacejpg


‘ If someone isn’t meeting you half way…  leave them be.’

It is all on the inside

It all depends on how you feel on the inside.

Today was one of those Thursdays when i did not have a late meeting at work, and when i decided to go to Toastmasters. Today was once again a time when i listened to the speeches but chose not to get out of the comfort zone. Today was once again a day when i did not speak in front of the audience… but i did introduce myself, so something i did do ;)

Today’s Toastmaster session was different, as it celebrated the romanian ‘Dragobete’, our own Valentine’s Day. One of the speakers re-enacted one scene from ‘Romeo& Juliet’ with his girlfriend… and actually took it all the way and proposed, right then and there in front of everyone. It was a great moment, one that made people realize that no, romance is not dead. At least not for everyone :)

After the talks, a small group was discussing clothing choices, and how they knew a person who wore lots of colored clothes, and who was all joyful and irradiating happiness all the time. ‘It is all about how you feel on the inside’ –  they said. It then reflects in all you do.’

True. Very true.

Wearing bright clothes is not enough. One has to be bright and happy on the inside too.