The Sunk cost fallacy

Some food for thought


Getting fit

I first realized i was in very bad shape when the elevator in the building i was at the time temporarily residing in went out of order. I walked up 8 flight of stairs, and by the time i got all the way up i was breathing really hard, and i was starting to feel some muscle pains. My room-mates  walked up the stairs too –  but their breathing was a bit more even than mine, so i decided that from that day on, i was going to walk up those stairs every evening. OK, in the end, they confessed that they stopped between 5 and 6 for a break, but the fact remained. I was becoming a fossil. 

And yes, i did keep my promise and i did walk up 8 flight of stairs for a few weeks. But that was all the exercise i got in the last month. Not good. Not good at all.

The idea of getting in shape and looking better in my 15+ dresses made me mentally start the 5 in 30 program : i want to lose 5kg in 30 days. Usually, when one sets a goal – no matter whether it is professional, personal or health based –  it is supposed to be realistic. Mine, for example, is 80% realistic and 20% really really really really cut back on the food and other day brightening elements such as sugar, chocolate, coffee and beer. 

Yesterday was intended to be day 1 of the program, but i procrastinated due to my TV Show addiction ( see the previous post). But  officially  my program did start yesterday, as i downloaded a phone app that tracks my weight, and which i am not updating today as by 11 a.m i had 2 coffees, 1 tea, 1 custom-deep-oil-fried-mostly-dough-and-a-little-taste-of-cheese-beleash and 1 chocolate muffin… and i am not going to weigh myself in the evening, who does that?

Yesterday evening, i was happy to see that i was only 1,3 kg over the eat only grilled chicken, veggies and fat free yogurts for 3 weeks weight, and that i was not at all over my beginning of the summer weight, even though i feel that way. Also, i inserted my measurements into the app –  height, neckline, waist line, thigh circumference and i got an  average body fat  result, but with a definite %. This way i can track my progress , or regress, depending on what my mom and dad will cook tomorrow…

So yes, today i looked up a workout video on youtube and just  did it.  I worked  at home before these unemployment days struck, so i decided i would work out  at home too. Of course, in the first few minutes, i hit my leg of the bed, i almost broke a lamp and i did not really stretch those arms out –  but there was also the advantage that nobody told me how dark purple i was. I know i become this strange color when i work out. And it is ok. I am not going to pass out, and no, i do not need water. I want some –  but i know that i am not supposed to drink excessively as it will endanger the subsequent exercisez. And yes, i was close to the shower.

And yes, no food after 6 p.m. Just water. Results –  weight, measurements and food –  tomorrow.

TV Show addiction or Unemployment,Day -2

I was a bit confused:  is day1 of unemployment the Monday after the last day of work, or is it the Saturday after, given that as the following Monday is not a workday, the weekend loses from its importance? I guess thinking about the latter –  now that i am unemployed, i have more time to think about useless stuff – i decided that this weekend is part of the past workweek, and thus today is unemployment day-2.

Now, i will finally have time to do all those things that i always say i have no time for… like working out, improve my analytical skills, reading, blogging and, of course, applying for jobs. Yep, it sounds like i have it covered. As i got home today, i felt kinda motivated and i downloaded some weight tracking applications, i found some online aerobics videos and i actually  promised myself that i would work out today. Well, here i am, wrapped up in a blanket, watching the local  The Voice.  And no, i did not exercise.

The apps that i downloaded were supposed to motivate me to get off my ass and actually lose those 5,3 kg that i plan to not see on the scale in about a month. But then, something happened. Something bad, something drew me onto the chair, the sunflower seeds and the 2 cups of tea.

A TV Show.

So i guess it is time for me to admit, once again, that i am addicted to TV Shows. But who isn’t, right? After all, they are such a fun pass time, when there is not enough time to watch a movie, when you want some quick leisure without having to pass through the  get to know the characters and the story phase. Also, they are a great ice breaker and make for good conversation, because yes, everybody watches  at least one TV Show.  If the latter is positive and funny, we can even borrow some humor, we get into a better mood and we press play. Again and again. We lose track of our own lives, we spend hours and hours watching  what we want to see. Fiction, drama, crime, sitcom –  there is something for every taste, every mood, every occasion.

And they are endless. If one series ends, rest assured that there is another one somewhere, with a similar topic, idea, actor or whatever drew you to the show in the first place.

Well, i am not as bad as described in this article from the Thought Catalog, but i know i have a problem.

I worked  from home, and it is easy to fall into this trap when there is nobody around, when the bed is so inviting, or when you can prolong your lunch break for more than 1 hour. But yes, those are excuses.

Now that i am unemployed, everything is so much more grave. So yes, i have to get off my ass and stop watching TV Shows. Or at least i have to do something useful while i watch :)

P.S.This article is really fun  :)