Evening Yoga

After a long work day with lots of sitting behind a desk, i decided to try some stretching, yoga or pilates in the evening. True, i don’t do it every evening –  only on those when i am home early …. never mind that there are not so many of those.

After some 10, 15 or 20 minutes of an easy evening routine i feel refreshed and relaxed. I haven’t really noticed whether i sleep better due to the yoga ( or whatever it is i am doing), but i do enjoy the thought that ‘i have dedicated these minutes to myself alone’.  Also, on such evenings i find it soothing to get in bed with a book and fall asleep with a feeling that my day has been put behind me, and another fresh one is about to start. Tomorrow.

Tonight i  tried my brand new stability ball. It is very cool ( and i am sitting on it even now as i write :D )

The 20 minute routine below seems long at first sight – but i did not even notice the 18 minutes go by….  18, not 20 – as close to the end of the video there is the relaxing phase, and i was not sure whether she was relaxing or if the video was buffering :)

Enjoy :)

Workout mix

Summer is coming, and it is time to get back in shape :) I started swimming in the morning –  as a beginner, there is not much i can boast with: I swim some 600-800m, but i am proud of every meter :D

On the mornings that i am not swimming, i decided to continue with the quick strength workouts. And i kinda found that i am somehow more willing to try new stuff :D

Easy on the Knees Kickboxing Blend – Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners

I still felt some pressure on the knees though. But it’s fun :D

Leg Slimming Pilates Butt and Thigh Workout to Lift Glutes & Tone Thighs

No jumping, moderate intensity. I think it is great for a morning workout.


For buns, this one is also great –  not too challenging during the workout, but i sure felt it afterwards :) The humanoid is a bit disturbing though …

P4P –  butt workout

Abs – level 1 ( with sound effects)


Ok, so i got this link from a friend, together with the challenge to do it more than once a day ( ideally 3 times)  and not have anything hurt the next day.

What can i say… First of all, the voice is too annoying to concentrate too much on what you are doing, so the workout is over before you know it. Too bad the rhythm and the VOICE stick in your head for a long time afterwards.

Second of all – the moves were ok, till i got to the last one. I was like ‘mmmmmm…NO.’ No way.

I did not give up though, and did a variation instead.

And to think that this is level 1.

And third of all – I repeated the routine twice yesterday, and the good thing is that in the evening i found the original version of the video, with the same rhythm but less annoying sound effects.

And yep, things hurt this morning.

Oh well.


Did 10 push-ups today –  normal ones, not girly –  and i was really proud of myself.

Did 20 girly after that.

Bad idea. I am already starting to feel it in my muscles how much of a bad idea that was.

I guess all that talk about how one has to ease into exercise routines is not void of truth….

Wednesday snooze

I did snooze, i did find excuses to sleep in a little longer, but in the end, i was brave enough to face the September morning cold and to fight the numbness in my body. Yes, it is hard, but if it were easy, everybody would do it.

I guess i kinda wished today were Thursday and not Wednesday, and that is why i did the Thursday Workout ;) Actually, i was curious to see whether it will be easier this time, as last time the butt&thigh left me with pain… in one thigh. Worried that i might have not done the workout properly last time, this time i started with the other side.

I admit that during the 2 difficult moves, i took small breaks –  however, i would not have been able to complete the exercise otherwise. Hopefully, next time ( or the time after that) i will be able to go through it without feeling the need (or the tremor) to stop :)

And yes, this time, i can feel my buns. Yey.