Public transportation at its best


A post written in the subway, as those 10 min are the ones i can dedicate – without feeling guilty-   to activities other than work and thesis writing.

Well, one thing is for sure: today was not a good day to use public transportation.

After having had enough of working from home, i decided to change the scenery a little bit and go to the university – see people, share food with one of my still with a free meal per day friends and, most importantly, i was planning to get some vital items from my old dorm.

So far so good.

But little did i know that taking the subway in the morning rush hour is not as simple as get on train-ignore the smell-get out of subway-breathe in the fresh air. 

As it turned out, my first experience of taking the subway during the morning rush hour was by far worse than expected.

So i was about to embark on my first experience of taking the subway during the morning rush hour – usually, when i have to go to the office, i take the bus. There was a 5 min wait, which was already weird –  as at that hour, the trains are supposed to be less than 3 minutes apart.

4 trains passed by in the other direction , all empty, of course : there are so few of those who need to be outside Milan, Tuesday, at 8:00 AM, unlike those who have to get to the city center.  My platform, thus, was on getting more crowded by second. And then there was an announcement.

I usually fear the intelligible voice in the speakers –  here in Italy, it rarely means smth good. And today, it meant that the next train would not stop, due to technical problems. Oh well. Even if the train had stopped, there was no getting on it anyway. And the same happened with the next train. And the next.

I somehow did manage to get on the 4th one, finally, but i kinda felt bad for the people at the subsequent stations – the further from God knows where ( aka the GORLA metropolitan stop) and the closer to civilization, the more crowded the trains, and thus, the more trains the average person had to miss before getting on one. Oh well.

In the evening, same story. The same oh nooo when the speaker started to ring, and even if there was a different voice, it was the same bad news. The next train was broken. And then came the dirtiest oldest train possible, and here i am, sitting near a not so well dressed dark skinned individual who does not smell too nice, but who keeps shoving his Samsung Galaxy tab into the face of my modest HTC explorer….

Afterwards i will patiently wait for the 44, with my heavy laptop bag, my backpack and my broomstick. Too bad the latter is not magic, as it would have saved me quite a lot of trouble today ….


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